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Foster Care

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Help to train (philosophy/goals/mindset)

No prior training is needed to become a foster parent with Smith Agency. Smith Agency provides extensive training to become a foster parent, and ongoing training to help support foster parents to manage the behaviors and needs of the children that come into our care. The training provided is in-person, on-line, child specific, and more general, which allows us to serve children with all levels of need.

Mission statement and key points

Our mission statement is to serve the upmost number of children in need of a safe, nurturing, and stable home until permanency is achieved. We strive for the best resources and support for the children and our foster parents. Smith Agency holds our staff and foster parents fully accountable. We ensure that care is provided through a trauma informed lens. All staff receive extensive training, so they are well equipped to support the children and foster parents. Smith Agency takes pride in recruiting and retaining the best homes for the children who come into our care.  Smith Agency focuses on team unity and partnership. Our main priority every day is safety!


"My husband and I have been working with Smith Agency since 2011 as Foster Parents. During this period, we have accumulated ample experience and training through Smith Agency to care for our kiddos depending on their needs. We really enjoy working with Smith Agency because the way they work with us is very encouraging and makes us love our job more. If we need any help, or there is an emergency, we report to our case manager immediately and they are very supportive and loving. We have received professional help and advice in caring for and de-escalating the children we give care to. We really appreciate the teamwork and the love they show and give us in time of need." 
          -Senait, Foster Parent since 2011

“My name is Tezerashwork. They called me Tez. I have been working with Smith Agency since 2003 as a foster parent and a host home provider. During this period, I have accumulated a variety of experiences and training, with lots of challenges to help me with all I need to keep my experience at its highest. The training through Smith Agency is to focus on being able to care for our kids and the demands of their needs. Smith Agency is encouraging every day. When I need them, they are there for me 24/7. Teamwork makes a difference for the kids we serve. 
        Smith Agency staff members, thank you so much. I really appreciate your encouragement, support, kindness, and love. I cannot do this by myself. Because of you, Smith Agency, I have been a successful foster parent. Thank you!”
          -Tezereashwork, Foster Parent since 2003

"As a Registered Behavior Technician who worked directly with foster kids, my boyfriend and I knew we wanted to make a difference by opening our home to foster/adopt. We started working with the Smith Agency in December, and our experience has been fulfilling and overall amazing. In January, we took home a newborn baby girl from the hospital, and our case managers have been an invaluable source of support ever since. We've had some kids with challenging behaviors in our home, but our case managers have been there for us on difficult days when we just need to talk and vent. We feel safe welcoming kids with different backgrounds into our home, thanks to the agency's guidance and expertise. We've learned so much and grown as foster parents, and being able to provide a safe and loving home for a child who needs it brings us so much happiness. We love working with a company that truly has the children's best interests at heart."
          -Adrianna, Foster Parent since 2022

Teresa Chavez, Director P:303-696-1154
Kayla Martinez, Associate Director P:303-696-1154